We plan to start live rehearsals soon

Important information for all those attending live rehearsals

Please read carefully well ahead of attending rehearsals as there are some actions which you may need/wish to take This document is extracted from the risk assessment which we are required to draw up for any venue we use. At the time of writing, it is a general one as we have yet to secure a suitable venue, which may require additional measures. We will be following all Government rules on meeting and singing together and therefore must await confirmation of those rules. However, it is important that all who plan to attend rehearsals read it carefully and take any actions required.


Before attending 

  • Members will be asked to advise the Board of their intention to attend the rehearsal to enable seating plan to be decided

  • All attendees must provide their mobile phone details to enable Test and Trace contact in the event of an incidence of a positive case notified following rehearsal

  • All attendees are encouraged to take a Covid-19 Rapid Antigen test ahead of attending. These are available from the NHS and pharmacies at no cost and come in packs of 6.

  • There will be no access to kitchen facilities at the venue, so attendees must bring their own drinks

  • Visors to be purchased on entry to the first rehearsal and brought to every subsequent rehearsal. Please bring £3 in cash. We regret that we will be unable to give change from notes so please bring the correct amount. The visors are durable, wipeable and re-useable.

  • It may be useful to bring a bag to keep the visor in as they do not disassemble and fold flat

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or generally feeling unwell, you should not attend the rehearsal


On arrival at the venue

  • Masks must be worn by all members as they arrive at the venue

  • GCGC will provide each member attending with a face visor at cost which they will be required to wear throughout the rehearsal and then to bring to every rehearsal they attend

  • Arrival will be managed by a door marshal (Fiona) to ensure social distancing is maintained during any wait to enter the building

  • Anti-bacterial hand gel to be used by all on entry

  • Entry will be allowed from 7.15 to prevent gathering outside the venue


Once inside the building

  • Door marshal in place to ensure social distancing is maintained on entry 

  • Once in the building an aisle marshal (Tina) will direct members to their marked places, as Soprano, Alto or Tenor.

  • Members must remain in their place, either seated or standing throughout the rehearsal

  • To minimise risk, there will not be an interval. The rehearsal will begin at 7.30 p.m. and we will end at 9.15 p.m.

  • All attendees must bring their own drinks: there will be no access to the kitchen

  • Access to toilet facilities will be managed by the aisle marshal: you may be asked to use the cleaning materials provided to wipe any surface you have touched. Access will be one at a time. Masks should be worn if you must leave your place for any reason

  • All musical and sound equipment will be provided by GCGC attendees and removed at the end of the rehearsal 

  • Members will be dismissed from the venue in a managed and orderly fashion by aisle marshals to prevent close contact

  • Members will be reminded not to gather outside the building

It is possible that some cleaning of the venue, once it is known, will be required and we would be looking for a small group of three or four to do this. Please let Jan know if you can help. All cleaning materials and gloves will be provided